Android Training in Chennai: Google IDE for Developers

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Since the mobile application development market has become strong in IT industry, the evolution of new methodologies for development was expected. Later on, various new development platforms, version and formulation came into the market to facilitate developers. In the current mobile development market, Android and Apple are to main operating systems in which numerous mobile applications are developed.

On the other hand, Windows and Blackberry have also got into the mobile market. The cross-platform application development will facilitate developers to deploy apps in different platforms in quick succession. Recently, Google launched an Integrated Development Platform (IDE) to minimize the development activities. There are several reasons behind the launch of IDE for developers in the market. Here are some advantages of Google IDE for Developers.

Ease to Use:

The chief reason behind the launch of new IDE is to facilitate developers to develop more number of Android apps. It assist the developers to make use of existing templates on Java and other designs for Android mobile and tablets development. The overall mobile application development process will be lot simple and smoother.

Developing, deploying in the app store, testing and making further enhancements will be lot easier and offer several advantages associated with mobile application development. Other than this, Google offer various resources that can be integrated with the platform, which makes application development process lot easier.

Android Studio: Simpler, Affordable and Faster

There are several benefits of android studio than other development platforms available in the market. In which, the Gradle interface is most notable feature. It is an automated system which assists the Android developers to develop and develop android apps on any server. This interface also supports application testing and further enhancement for tuning the application. It does not require any additional hardware environment to run Android Studio. This tool makes android mobile application development lot simpler and effective too.

Facilities for End-User:

Undoubtedly there are several advantages for app developers to get from this Android Studio. Apart from this, it offers numerous advantages to the end users. So they offer various additional API which fix various issues from user point of view.

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